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Carol Franzen


   “In 2004 I was appointed guardian of my aunt by the courts of Texas. As part of this grant, the judge recommended the services of a Geriatric Care Manager. As a resident of Pennsylvania, the distance to Texas soon made the wisdom of this suggestion evident. My aunt is now in an Assisted Living facility in Dallas, Texas. I was extremely fortunate in selecting Carol Franzen as her Geriatric Care Manager. In the year that has passed, Carol has faithfully visited and overseen the needs of my aunt’s physical and psychological progress, and recommended steps that could be taken to make my Aunt’s life better. I could not possibly have served as her guardian without the assistance of Ms. Franzen. She has truly been a gem in the performance of her duties to both my Aunt and myself."
Walter C. , Pennsylvania

   "My father always looked forward to Carol's visits, her wit, charm, and intellect. She always thought about the kinds of places he would enjoy visiting, and she was always right. The visits were a real highlight for him, and Carol's involvement was a great comfort for us."
Cindy S., Boston, MA

   “Carol's assistance came at a difficult and painful time for our family, and we are very grateful for the kindness and support she gave to Mother and the rest of us. Her knowledge of the rules associated with Medicare and insurance, as well as her familiarity with the procedures related to nursing facilities helped us navigate unfamiliar territory more easily. On every visit Carol would take the time to visit with Mother and spend quality time with her. Mother's present memory was impaired, but not her long-term memory. Carol would get Mother to talk about her childhood and things that happened in the past. This gave Mother an opportunity to interact with someone other than family. We all wanted to help Mother, but frequently felt at a loss as to how to go about it. Carol was an invaluable resource that helped us do just that.”
Larry and Carol B., Ft. Worth Texas