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Carol Franzen

Carol Franzen, Geriatric Care Manager, has a Master of Science in Gerontology, is a Licensed Master Level Social Worker, Advanced Practitioner, and is a Certified Care Manager through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers. She has been a Professional Member of the Aging Life Care Association since 2001 . She has been providing care management services in the Metroplex area since 1990. Carol is active in the community and has served on the board of Senior Adult Services, Metrocrest Services, and the Dallas Area Gerontological Society, as well as the C-FB Association for Gifted and Talented. She served for 15 years as a Girl Scout leader for her daughters' scout troops, and was an active volunteer at the PTA. In her free time, Carol enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her family.

What Satisfied Clients Are Saying...

   Katherine ("Kitty") Snelling of University Park, who is recovering from a hip injury, values the encyclopedic knowledge of her care manager, Carol Franzen. The 74-year-old former businesswoman views Ms. Franzen as her personal consultant. "Carol knows everything there is to know about senior care," Ms. Snelling said. "My children are so busy, so I hate to lean on them. Besides, I want to be independent. Carol has spared me a lot of headaches." Ms. Franzen accompanies Ms. Snelling on medical visits, asking questions and taking notes.
Excerpt from an article in The Dallas Morning News Business Section (July 7, 2008)

   “Carol Franzen is a warm, caring and conscientious professional. We are very fortunate to have found her to help with the challenge of moving our father and his wife out of their house and into assisted living. The personalities involved made the situation quite difficult, but Carol handled it with sensitivity and competence. They are now thriving in assisted living and are very fond of Carol. She has a wealth of resources and information, and is responsive and understanding.” Jane S., Austin, Texas

   "Carol Franzen’s help with my parents has been invaluable. I live 1500 miles from them and when declining health and mental abilities made it impossible for them to live without help, Carol was able to give me advice on various alternatives. She has insight into the many facilities and services available to the elderly. She acts as a liaison between medical personnel and facility management when I cannot be there. I have peace of mind that my parents have an advocate in whatever situation they might find themselves." Nancy B., New York